General Rules

General Rules

We are a league of women who want to get out and have some fun. Our number one rule is sportsmanship. Remember it.

Medical Insurance
The IWFF does not provide medical insurance. Players are responsible to provide their own medical insurance.

Waiver and Release of Liability
Each player must sign the IWFF League General Liability Waiver as well as our General Liability Insurance Waiver acknowledging that they are willingly participating in an adult flag football league, and agree not to hold the IWFF League or Mack Park liable for any injuries or harm that may result from their participation. Permanent Substitutes and Temporary Substitutes are also required to sign the waiver before they are eligible to play.

Age Limit
21 years of age and older.

Our games will be played on grounds without field goal posts. We are going to forgo the point-after situation entirely and 1pt point will be awarded for every touchdown.

Moving the Chains
The rules for first downs are about as technical as touch football gets. However we won’t have chains to mark these downs so we will be using cones to mark the line to cross for a first down at mid field and cones to mark starting lines of scrimmage. You have 4 downs to make a 1st down or touchdown, if your team is not successful the result is a change of possession.

The Count
Once the ball is hiked, the QB will have 5 “Mississippi’s” before defense can rush to take her flag. Only after 5 “Mississippi’s” can the defense advance on the QB behind the line of scrimmage, however after the 5 count the QB may also choose to advance past the line of scrimmage to run the ball for a gain of yardage. A designated player on the defensive team is responsible for counting the Mississippi’s out loud.

Only one flag needs to be ripped off to end the play. While trying to remove a flag the player shall not hold, grasp, obstruct forward progress of ball carrier when in the act of removing a flag. If a player’s body or knee is down and her flags are still on, she is considered down, and the play has ended. The only time a player can continue if she stumbles is if her hands hit the ground and she is able to recover and continue running.

Flag Guarding
Runners may not guard the flag, either intentionally or unintentionally, to deny the opportunity for an opponent to pull or remove the flag. Flag Guarding includes, but is not limited to:
i.Swinging the hands or arms over the flag belt to prevent an opponent from de-flagging or placing the ball   over the flag belt for the same purpose
ii. Lowering the shoulder and placing the arm over the flag belt
iii. Stiff arming an opponent
iv. Using the ball to protect the flags
If you are decided to have been flagrant in guarding the flags, the play is dead, the ball will be returned to it’s last snap location and it will be considered a loss of a down.

Huddle Time
Huddle time is 10 Mississippi’s or less. The opposing team, if they choose to do so, may count the 10 Mississippi’s out loud. If the opposing team has not made an indication to move from the huddle to the the line of scrimmage in those 10 seconds it will be a loss of down. **Please be a tad respectful here on both sides of this – it is just a guide to help people keep moving the game along quickly – if they are making their way back to the line at 10 Mississippi – it’s fine, if they are still in the huddle at 15 or 20 it’s not and it will be a loss of down. We get you want to make plays – but that is what the sideline and practice are for – the huddle should not be more than 10 Mississippi.

For offensive fumbles, the player will get credit for the progress made before they dropped the ball. The ball will be dead once it hits the ground and the play will resume from the place where it was dropped. If the player never really catches it, it is an incomplete pass. If the ball is fumbled, and flies into the air, and a defensive player catches it before it hits the ground, the defensive player may run the ball.

Running Shoes only (no spikes we are not allowed to wear them on the field we will be using),  flag belt and designated league team shirt, or sub shirt if you are a Permanent or Temporary substitute. Shirt alterations are fine – however the team logo must not be altered or cut in anyway and the sponsor logos must be visible on the back of your shirt.

Game Day and Time

Games will be played Thursday nights. The game begins at 7:00 pm and will run till 8:05. Each game consists of two 30 min halves with one 5 minute half time. The beginning of the game a coin toss will be held with team captains. The winner of the coin toss will decide the ball possession and end zone. We will not be doing kickoffs.

Weather Cancellations

Game cancellations due to weather will be decided the day of the game by league officials, and will be due to extreme weather conditions only (i.e, heavy rain, high winds, electrical storms). Make up games will be played on the Sunday of that week same time, same place weather permitting.

End of The Season Tie Breaker

At the end of regular season play, should the record for win’s and losses between two teams be the same, breaking the tie will go in this order:

  1. Head to Head record.
  2. Number of touchdowns for.
  3. Number of touchdowns against.


League Players

  • Pays full registration cost.
  • Is guaranteed a spot playing in every game she can attend.
  • May not play for any other team than she was designated to play for at the beginning of the season.
  • IWFF League will provide you with your team shirt. Shirts have been sponsored by several local businesses,  and is your official uniform for the league, players are required to wear their team shirt to each game.

Permanent Substitute Players

  • Pay reduced registration costs.
  • Is first choice for game play when substitutes are needed.
  • Is not guaranteed a spot playing in every game.
  • Is assigned to one team only.
  • Temporary team pinnies will be provided prior to game-play.
  • Must be registered by the 3rd league game.
  • Are considered an eligible sub for their designated team in championship games.
  • No more than 3 permanent substitute players may be assigned per team.

Temporary Substitute Players

  • Pay no registration fee.
  • Are not required to register and may be secured to play as needed throughout the season, however are not permitted to be used as subs in championship games.
  • Is second choice if permanent subs are not available.
  • Is not guaranteed a spot playing in every game.
  • Will not be assigned to any particular team, and will float at the discretion of league representatives.
  • Will be provided with team pinnies prior to game-play.

If you arrive at the game and you have less than 5 players by the designated start time of 7:00pm – your team forfeits the game and the other team is given the win.  (You can choose to stay and scrimmage with the opposing team, but the game will be recorded as a loss.)

If you have determined that less than 5 League players or Permanent Subs will be available to play a particular game, you may find a Temporary Sub or reach out to League representatives for help.

Further clarification on the sub rule:

  • You only need 5 players to play.
  • Teams can have no more than 10 players dressed per game.  The 10 players must be designated on your game roster prior to gameplay.  (Players who arrive late may be included on your game roster, but you may not have more than 10 players dressed for each game).
  • Once your team selects the 10 active players for a particular game, absolutely no substitutions may be made (barring injury or “no shows”)

**Should a situation arise where both teams show up and both teams have less than 5 players you will both record the game as a loss. Playing with less than 5 players is too hard. People get tired, tempers flare, and there is more of a possibility of injury. **

Appointed Captains
Each team has been appointed captains. Their role is to represent your team in this league, relay information to players on the team, conduct coin tosses at the beginning of the game (and in overtime if necessary), solve disagreements within the game with the opposing team captains, and foster a positive environment within the team.  Team captains are not considered coaches and should allow their entire team to develop plays and game strategies.

Team Coaches and Advisors
The IWFF League does not currently sanction the use of team coaches.  Team captains and other team players will make any and all decisions during game play.  While IWFF team may chose to involve spouses, partners, or friends to advise during practices, those individuals will be considered SPECTATORS during game play.  Complaints of interference or coaching from these individuals will be taken seriously by IWFF League Representatives.

**Please remember that while YOU may feel your spouse, partner, or friend add valuable input and experience to the team, your teammates may not feel similarly.  In order to foster a positive and equitable team environment, these non-league advisors should only be brought on-board after agreement from the entire team.**

Inbound/Out of Bounds
As we will not have the field marked with lines, and will be using cones, out-of-bounds shall be called if the player is clearly past the cones marking the 1st down, and scrimmage lines. The play is dead, and will restart where the player is thought to have gone out-of-bounds. The entire width of each goal line shall be part of the end zone.

Jewelry is up to your discretion, however if you are wearing something that could injure another player during an attempt to remove a flag, please do not wear it.

Passing and Receiving
All players are eligible to touch or catch a pass. Only ONE forward pass may be thrown per down. A forward pass is defined as any pass that is used to advance the ball from behind the line of scrimmage no matter the delivery style (underhand, overhand or shovel). A non forward pass can occur at any time behind the line of scrimmage as long as the ball does not go forward from the originating player. Once any pass has been made (forward, backwards or laterally) the defense can cross the line of scrimmage in pursuit. The pass begins when the ball is released from the passer’s hand. The ball is dead if the passer is de-flagged before the release. If any pass (forward, backward or lateral)  is caught simultaneously by two opposing players, if there is no clear receiver of the ball, the ball becomes dead, and is considered a completed pass and belongs to the offensive team.

Conduct of Players

  • Personal fouls may include but are not limited to:
  • Using fist, foot, knee, or leg to contact an opponent.
  • Steal, attempt to steal or strip, or bat the ball from a player in possession –  (The players will use their discretion on this one, it becomes tricky here if the defense player is going to attempt to make an interception and the receiver is trying to catch the ball, if it is a flagrant ball steal and the offense clearly had possession it becomes a personal foul – in the event the players can not agree League Reps will decide the call.)
  • Tripping a player, clipping, etc.
  • Unnecessary roughness.
  • Touching a player or ball carrier with undo force.
  • Roughing the passer
  • The runner may not be aided by a teammate (grabbed, pushed, or pulled).
  • The runner may not stiff-arm an opponent.

Penalty: All of the above: Personal Foul, 10 yards (Back or Forward depending on if the foul is on the offense or the defense)

Behaviors resulting in automatic ejection from game:

  • Intentional and aggressive physical contact with any player (i.e., tackling)
  • Sustained inappropriate verbal confrontations with other players (i.e., harassment, aggressive language, confrontational body language)

(League Representatives will use their discretion to determine whether behavior was intentional or unintentional with regards to ejections.)

What Happens in Case of a Tie?
At the end of the regulation time if there is a tie, the team that won the coin toss at the beginning of the game will have 1st possession of the ball. However there will be an additional coin toss to determine who gets the ball 1st in the case of sudden death. Each each team will get a chance to score before moving to sudden death. *Ex. Red team is playing Blue. Blue won the coin toss at the beginning of the game. They get the ball at their goal line 1st. Blue scores a touchdown. Then Red gets a chance, they score a touchdown. The game is still tied. It now moves to sudden death, which is where winning the coin toss comes into play, as it will be that teams ball 1st in sudden death. Whichever team scores 1st wins at that point. In this scenario had Blue scored on their chance and not Red the game would have been over at that point.

Lining up:
A different color cone that goes in-front of where the ball will be snapped from marks the line of scrimmage. Offensive players will line up with that cone. Defensive players will also have a cone 2 strides out from that cone which they will line up with. These cones will be moved as the play progresses, but will also serve helpful for if there is an incomplete pass to know where to restart the play from.

What if we Didn’t Make it Off Our Goal Line?
So the other team scored a touchdown, your team gets the ball, you make your 4 tries and all end up as incomplete passes. You are still on your goal line and the ball is now switching possession to the other team, who can now basically just walk across the goal line. They may have played great defense, but to make it a little more fun for both teams, we are going to back up not to the 1st down marker but half-way from their end zone and the 1st down marker. So offense will still have 4 tries to score, but it’s will be harder than just stepping over the line.
Small field and 5 player problems ladies – promise it will work in everyone’s favor at one point during the season.


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