Totally 80’s Prom Tickets

Tickets to the  IWFF League’s 2016 Totally 80’s Prom are $15.00

There are 2 ways to purchase General Admission Tickets to the 2016 IWFF Leagues Totally 80’s Prom:

  1. Purchase them in-person from a League player or representative via cash or check (made out to Indiana Women’s Flag Football League)
  2. Purchase them online using the form below AND the Paypal link.  A $2.00 fee will be added to all ticket orders placed online.  This fee covers the PayPal transaction charge and postage.  For your convenience VIP Passes may also be purchased below with your 80’s Prom ticket, please be sure to choose a shuttle time.  (Learn more about VIP Passes.)

*** We are limited to the space avaliable at Disobedient Spirits and have only 300 tickets to sell. When they are gone you are TOTALLY out of luck. ***

Order your Tickets Online Here:

Step 1: Fill out this form

Step 2: Pay via PayPal

Select the option you wish to purchase from the list below. If you require more than 2 tickets please indicate this in the comments section above and IWFF will arrange to have a separate invoice sent to you.

1 – Totally Awesome 80’s Prom Ticket + S&H

2- Totally Awesome 80’s Prom Tickets + S&H

1 – Totally Awesome 80’s Prom Ticket + 1 VIP Bus Ticket + S&H

2 – Totally 80’s Prom Tickets + 2 VIP Bus Tickets + S&H


Ticket sales are restricted to those 21 and older.  Tickets may not be returned or refunded.  If you find you are unable to attend the event, the tickets are yours to sell.  All proceeds for this event go to benefit the IWFF League.